Working with wxWidgets

I’m trying to work on a gui app and using julia as the main language but i didn’t know how i could import the wxWidgets library
what i did:
i installed this GitHub - JuliaBinaryWrappers/wxWidgets_jll.jl
and tried with ccall but bumped into a wall :sweat_smile:

See: Interface to wxwidgets?

Most people in Julia seem to use Gtk for cross-platform GUI work.

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Yes, I know that but i tried to compile gtk4 but run into a dependency hell which is related to other packages i’m using on my system
so I switched to wxWidgets.
and yes, I could use gtk3 but I don’t want to because the migration is kind of pain

I found this just now and it’s not a complete project: GitHub - HatsuneMiku/Wx.jl: Wx.jl
and i don’t know if i should help with it

I think I just should use gtk for now,

this project seems dead, and i might could contribute to the Gtk.jl