Workflow for deploying Pkg3 package on a computing cluster

Let’s say I want to develop a private package PrivPack, transfer it to a computing cluster, then run a bunch of scripts which use this package. I would like to clarify the steps in this scheme.

When I ] generate PrivPack using new package manager, it creates new environment, but there is no git repo created. What is the best way to transfer the package to the cluster? Do I just copy the PrivPack environment folder to cluster and then activate it? Or is it better to manually setup a git repo in PrivPack folder, push the code to github or other place and then do ] add PrivPack-something.git on the cluster side?

Running the scripts on the cluster depends on how I transfer the package. If I use the second way (via github repo and add) I just do using PrivPack in the scripts. At the same time if I have the package on the cluster as an extra environment, then there is a problem. I would like to run a parallel script with julia -p nworkers script.jl. But how should I activate the same environment on all of the workers?

That depends on your workflow. I would go for a private git repository where I put the package (eg on Gitlab, so that I can set up CI) that the cluster could pull from, but scp into a devd directory could also work.