Word for !isnan

Is there a a technical (but not necessarily Julia) word for values that aren’t nan?


The nearest Julia idiom is isfinite, which also excludes Inf/-Inf. There’s always this route, too:

julia> isan = !isnan
#97 (generic function with 1 method)

julia> isan(3)

julia> isan(NaN)
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Not not a number is a number, no?


IEEE 754 simply calls it a “floating-point number” (and uses “floating-point datum” for something that may be a floating point number or a NaN).

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I would use non_nan or not_nan maybe. People aren’t good at double negatives and I’d argue almost nobody thinks “this is not a number” but “this is a NaN value” so the meaning is positive while the derivation is negative.