WMS - Web Map Services displays

May I ask if anyone is familiar with WMS displays of data https://uk.mathworks.com/help/map/web-map-service.html

I ask for a good reason, as I would like to do some example plots using this in Julia. Yes, I should Google before I ask. However there is sually a great deal of knowledge on this forum!

Thanks in advance

As far as I know there are no WMS client libraries in Julia. With PyCall you could try using this:

If the data is avaiable as web tiles (slippy map) or vector tiles you can have a look at

@visr Thankyou. Good information.

I am wanting to display wind speeds and wave heights on plots of the ocean, on web based displays. If anyone is doing work like this please drop me a message and give me a street in the correct direction. Nautical pun slightly intended.