Withprogress for Folds.jl

I have been using Folds.jl for some computations and wanted to add a progress bar. I founds a withprogress function in Transducers.jl but it doesn’t seem to work with Folds.jl, at least not directly. This works

using Folds, Transducers
1:100 |> Map(x -> begin sleep(0.05); x; end) |> Folds.collect

but if I add withprogress

1:100 |> withprogress |> Map(x -> begin sleep(0.05); x; end) |> Folds.collect

I get an error

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching size(::Transducers.ProgressLoggingFoldable{UnitRange{Int64}})

Is there some way to get the progress meter to work with Folds.jl? From what I can tell I could switch to using Transducers.jl directly and have it work, but I prefer the API of Folds.jl.