[Windows Server 2016] GitError ECERTIFICATE using Pkg (git worked in cmd)


I would like to ask about GitError in Windows Server 2016. While “git clone” worked in cmd, I am experiencing GitError ECERTIFICATE using Pkg. (MS easyfix51044 cannot be applied to Windows Server 2016)

How can I manage to get through this problem?


I don’t have Windows, but I thought I had seen some recent Windows regression issue (it seems unrelated):

There was also a Windows 10 update that broke Julia (and other software) and libssh2 was updated. If that was it, look at master Julia or e.g. Julia 1.0.5 [EDIT: no, just backported to Julia 1.3.0-rc2] just coming out (I seem to recall the fix was backported to it).