Windows development without admin privileges

I am not admin of the windows computer I am using. I can’t install visual studio, or any software unless it is zipped and portable. I would not be able to use Julia if it did not have a zip version.
Let me know if you find time to make it work on windows. For your information I use the following compiler:

Thank you

I would recommend going to the clang and cmake forums and asking them to make relocatable versions of their software that work on Windows available to you and see how that goes. We don’t really have any control over how these external projects ship their binaries. If only all projects saw the wisdom of providing self-contained, portable binary tarballs. Alas, they generally do not.

Hi @StefanKarpinski , the issue here is not with clang and cmake. These have portable versions and I am using a portable version of llvm. The problem is with visual studio and dockers which don’t have portable versions and seem to be needed to run the example and template library of CxxWrap.jl. I was able to run the example kindly provided by @Ronis_BR whihout these softwares on macos so I am sure it is also possible to do it on windows.

Ah! Then I suggest you contact Microsoft and ask them to produce portable versions of their code for you that can be installed without admin rights. You can file issues here: GitHub - microsoft/vscode: Visual Studio Code.

That would partially solve the issue as I think one still needs admin rights to install and run docker.

The docker forums can be found here:

Are we talking about Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code here?

You may use JuliaWin.
It has everything built in and works like a charm.

It is portable which makes it suitable to you and everything much easier to handle.


You should only need CMake and Visual Studio Code with the CMakeTools extension.