Why `using Makie; lines(rand(5));` using sysimage generated from precompiles is about 5 times slower than `compile_incremental(:Makie, :AbstractPlotting)`?

Makie.lines(rand(5)); is about 5 times slower after Fezzik.brute_build_julia() than PackageCompiler.compile_incremental(:Makie, :AbstractPlotting). In contrast, s = Scene() is same fast.

Fezzik uses PackageCompiler API. Fezzik generates precompiles based on what user enters on REPL, while PackageCompiler generates precompiles using packages runtests.jl. I also tried provide Fezzik trace file with precompiles generated by julia --compile=all -O0 -g0 --trace-compile=traces.jl myscript.jl, but results were the same.

We are also discussing this here: https://github.com/TsurHerman/Fezzik/issues/4
I developed simple script that uses Makie, Blink and Interact and its startup time is still ~20 s with precompiled sysimage.

Why could be that?
Maybe some functions were not precompiled by just calling Makie.lines(rand(5))? But Makie’s runtests.jl is calling MakieGallery examples, which just contains same functions?

Maybe this could fix this https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/33006