Why is julialang.org/blog not aggregated into juliabloggers.com?


I’ve been using RSS to receive updates from julialang.org/blog for some time. But since the recent update of julialang.com, the RSS function of its blog stopped working. Then I became aware of juliabloggers.com, which provides its own RSS functionality. But apparently, julialang.org/blog is not aggregated into juliabloggers.com yet. I really hope the aggregation can be done soon. I’d be a great convenience.


Not sure what the request is here. If julialang.org/blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, there’s nothing that juliabloggers.com (i.e., me) can do. The syndication happens from the RSS feed.


We used to have an RSS feed IIRC but it seems to have gone away.


Is it possible to add the RSS back?