Why I am not getting anything in REPL while trying to use Nsight Systems for profiling?


I am trying to profile cuda program using Nsight systems. I tried the following command in command window to launch the julia REPL.
nsys launch "C:\Users\manoos\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia 1.5.0\bin\julia.exe"
REPL is launched. But it is just a black screen.

Also I tried to launch REPL from Nsight Systems like below screenshot.

Still, I am getting blank REPL as below:

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks and Reagrds,

I experience the same Problem

Strange, I don’t see this issue locally. Are you using the latest NSight? You can also nsys profile instead of launch, but that won’t be interactive of course.

Hi @maleadt : I am using NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2020.4.1.144-20fdc64. I tried like nsys profile same issue.

However, I manged to profile by opening Nsight System and setting up the command line arguments as %path_to_julia.exe% %path_to_code_to_profile.jl".

Thank You

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