Why don't integer division errors occur in floating point division?


I am currently making my way through the documentation, and I was wondering why the floating point division operator doesn’t throw the same errors as the integer division function. In the documentation, it says:

" Integer division (the div function) has two exceptional cases: dividing by zero, and dividing the lowest negative number ( typemin ) by -1. Both of these cases throw a DivideError . The remainder and modulus functions ( rem and mod ) throw a DivideError when their second argument is zero."

When I do these same operations with the ‘/’ operator, I get:

julia> 1/0

julia> typemin(Int64)/-1

Why don’t these same errors get thrown when I do floating point division with the ‘/’ operator?


I should have read a little bit further before posting. It says a little bit after that this is the result of the IEEE 754 standard.