Why does Visual Studio Code not correctly render interpolation arguments in Cmd objects?


Suppose I have:

a = "Hello";

InterpolatedString = "$a"
InterpolatedCmd  = `$a`

Then in VS Code it shows up as:


Shouldn’t this work the same in theory, i.e. be highlighted?

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I think you could put this in as a feature request issue on the extension’s GitHub repo!

Okay, thanks, I will do that!

Could you kindly help me figure out which extension it is? I am actually not sure how to check this. I believe I just installed a “Julia” extension in VS Code, perhaps it is just that?

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I just opened an issue here:

That repo is where the Julia TextMate grammar lives.


Thank you!

I would never have found it, wouldn’t know where to start looking. I just saw someone already implemented the fix for this, mindblowing how fast it actually goes :slight_smile:

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