Why do unicode arrows behave unexpectedly for variable names?

I’m going to keep this short as from what I’ve read on the topic the answer is likely “there’s ambiguity so it is turned off”.

I was running in to the problem when doing some programming exercises and noticed that when using one of the diagonal arrows (e.g. \searrow) to indicate a diagonal slice through the data the compiler threw an “invalid character “x” near column 1” .

By this point I had had success with arrows (e.g. \downarrow and \rightarrow) and decided to use a two non-diagonal arrows to indicate the diagonal instead. This now threw a “x” is not a binary operator error".

Is there a reason behind these decisions that I am just unaware of, as being able to define the direction in the variable name seems like the perfect use case for unicode characters.

This may be just an inconsistency that could be fixed. It is worth checking for existing issues and opening a new one if applicable.