Why can't I use LaTeX in makie? [SOLVED]

I’m trying to understand why my code isn’t working and I can’t use LaTeX in my Makie graph. Can someone help me?

using GLMakie, LaTeXStrings
lines(xs, sin.(π.*xs), axis=(title=L"\sin{x}",))

works here.
The culprit was probably the empty denominator in \frac{\sin{x}}{}.
Tested wiith GLMakie v0.5.5

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this works fine for me.

lines(1:10, axis = (; title = L"\frac{\sin{x}}{x}"))

with GLMakie v0.5.4

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Thank you guys! Just a question, my Makie is v0.4.5 how to update to 0.5.4 or 0.5.5? I’m using windows

Go to package mode with “]” and then do “up”

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Thank you very much guys! I managed to solve the problem, it was actually the version of GLMakie I was using.