Which Discourse area for PRE Coding discussions? NB I have NOT written a line of code

HI there,
I am trying to make sure I play by the rules of discourse and so far have screwed up TWICE. So, I am making sure that I get it right this time by asking the question in the subject.

To clarify, I have a HIGH level idea as to my first Julia attempt BUT want to make sure that I set off on the right foot.

I am a prospective Python convert and really like what I have learned so far about Julia.
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Well, you can ask first if there exists any package that do X, and then start from there. As Julia is a programming language, you can technically do everything, but the specifics are the things that get un the way the mayority of the Time. Anyway, what idea do you have?

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hey @longemen3000
I’m being SUPER careful now because the last two questions seemed to contravene the Discourse rules. I don’t like making waves.

thanks so much for helping out. Here’s my idea ( getting a jetson nano to do this )

from cli ( bash) send in a work load ( could be an entire sub directory or just a file)
take the work load and divide it up into as many work packets as matches the number of gpus
load up each gpu with a module that would perform the work on each packet.
each gpu consumes the relevant packet until complete then checks if all packets consumed

that’s it. In the simple example I have about 5000 text files, each with 5000 lines with about 1000 bytes in each line.

I am looking at DynamicalSystems.jl
I am also looking at some form of finite state machine OF finite state machines.
I am probably going to use JuliaInterpreter,jl with TMUX and possibly emacs ( just want simple)

Don’t worry too much about what category you post things in. You basically can’t go wrong by picking the “Usage” category as long as your topic is related to usage of Julia. Worst case, somebody with elevated discourse power-levels will come along and move it elsewhere for you. :slight_smile:

One piece of advice I’d give is to be specific as to the problems you’re having and what you’re trying to figure out. The never-ending IDE topic of doom might not have gone off the rails so much if you were a bit more specific about what exactly you meant by e.g. “simple”. But then again, this forum loves talking endlessly about editors, so we might have spiraled it out of control no matter what you did. :confused:


Thanks. This is specific to Julia so…
as to the IDE thing, I got my solution and flagged it.

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