Where to write a command


I am trying to implement the same steps as in:

But I didnot know where to write this command:

$ for n in 1 2 4 8 16; do JULIA_NUM_THREADS=$n ./julia psort.jl; done

is it in the PowerShell?

This is a shell command you have to type into a “bash”, “zsh” or similar shell. There is a windows pendant in powershell, which could be something like

int base = 2;
for (n = 0 ; n -le 4  ; n++)
    $Env:JULIA_NUM_THREADS=$"{(long)Math.Pow(base, n):N0}"
     julia psort.jl

but not sure about the environment variable “JULIA_NUM_THREADS” and do not have access to a windows machine right now to test it

Thank you for your reply.
I am not sure if I get you right. Do I need to write this code

in the PowerShell, similar in the below?

Yes, but my example I gave you is flawed, you have to look on you own how to do this e.g here

I got you.
Thank you very much!