Where to find profiling (.mem/.cov) files

Hi folks,

I’m trying to do analysis on some code using the --track-allocation=user and --code-coverage=user. Profiling data does seem to be getting saved for external packages (e.g. Base, DataFrames, etc.) in the package directory. For my own modules/code, I’m not finding any profiling data, either in $JULIA_DEPOT_PATH, $JULIA_LOAD_PATH or pwd(). Where should I be looking? Thanks,


I finally tracked this one down - the source directory ($JULIA_LOAD_PATH) was not writable by the Julia user - once I made it writable, the files show up (it would have been nice to get some sort of error).

I’m now trying to understand some of the output. For example in the below snipped, I see a huge number of allocations attributed to the assignment from z. I’m wondering if this might be a relic of optimization flags/inlining?

array = zeros (UInt16, 5000, 20)
    for i in 1:20
       z::UInt16 = myfunction()
       for j in 1:5000
            array[j, i] = z <--------------------