Where do I report possible errors in documentation?

“However, despite integration being an algorithmic procedure, integration is not.”



probably should read

However, despite differentiation being an algorithmic procedure, integration is not.

Where do I report possible corrections like this?

Well first of all you’re looking at an older version. The newest version of the docs on the JuliaHub website are here at version 0.1.2 rather than 0.0.5.


I’m also thinking you want to edit the notes rather than the package which are now in separate repository by @j_verzani .:

I would submit a Github pull request or issue to that repository.

Pull request made. Thanks.


Just to answer such questions in general:

You file an issue in the repository the document came from. In this case, the document says it came from CalculusWithJulia.jl, so that is where you would file an issue.

If you have the time and knowledge, it is even better to submit a pull request with a correction. You can use github’s online editor to do that directly from your web browser.

In documentation made with Documenter.jl, there is often an “Edit on github” link at the top of each page of the documentation, that you can click to edit the page and submit a pull request, as @chandra did above. (See, for example, this page in the Julia manual.)