Where did Base.Broadcast.broadcast_indices go in Julia 1.1?

I’m migrating someone other’s package of old Julia to the new Julia 1.1.

I found there is an error when I import it in Julia 1.1

UndefVarError: broadcast_indices not defined

Which corresponding to


which does not exist in Julia 1.1.

Could any one tell what should I do in Julia 1.1?


When updating code from 0.6, I recommend stepping through 0.7 as that will explicitly tell you how to optimize much of your code:

julia> Broadcast.broadcast_indices([])
WARNING: Broadcast.broadcast_indices is deprecated, use broadcast_axes instead.
 in module Broadcast

In 1.1, broadcast_axes just became axes, but since it’s a minor release we kept the old name for compatibility.

That said, the broadcast internals have changed dramatically since 0.6.4, and I’d guess any package that uses broadcast_indices will use some of those internals that saw breaking changes.