Where can I get detailed longitudinal data of the COVID-19 pandemics?

Where can I download a full dataset of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemics containing time information for each individual (date of infection, date of death, age, gender, weight, censoring information…)

It’s important to get this information in order to do survival analyses and other complex studies.

I’m only able to find aggregated. For example this Chinese dataset. https://github.com/BlankerL/DXY-COVID-19-Data
But I need details about each case.

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Swiss Data w Age Brackets [.xlsx download] was shared here , along with several more detailed data sets.


But this are just summaries.
I need much more detail about when each person was diagnosed with the infection, when the same person was cured, when died… gender, age, treatment, temperature…
I mean we need per individual information to perform survival analysis, regressions with random effects…

I’ve found some data


But they don’t provide enough information yet.

I would be incredibly surprised if you find the information you are looking for on the public internet at this time. As with most medical data one would likely be best served by reaching out through their respective research departments.

It’s my department who is trying to get the data in colaboration with other universities, but as of yet nobody got them.

We are trying to contact the authorities so that they will allow us to send people to the hospitals to collect that information, but nobody answers, we don’t know if it is because they are overwhelmed or because of bureaucratic problems.