Where can I find a database with socio-economic (and other) information by country?


I would like to explore different indicators (socioeconomic, health, science…) from different countries.
For example, I want to plot the GDP per capita vs the system of government. Or the number of intentional homicides, number of people at jail, traffic accidents, percentage of people with a given religion…

Where can I easily download this kind information (as an excel or centralized database)?

I wouldn’t like to have to manually parse text from multiple web sites. It would be difficult to clean and match everything.

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These won’t all be in one data set, unfortunately. The economic stuff will come from Penn World Tables. Government stuff can come from here. I’m not aware of any data source that will track incarceration and traffic accidents across countries and crime. Our World In Data has tons of stuff aggregated, but I’m not sure there is a clean API to download everything at once.

There is no Julia-specific help, here though. Julia will be a tool to download some stuff but this question has no relationship to Julia.

Depending on what you’re after, the World Bank’s data, in particular the World Development Indicators, could be relevant for you. Another site like Our World in Data is Gapminder, which also includes data from the WDI. If you’re happy looking only at rich countries, the OECD has data on many socioeconomic indicators.