When Julia 1.0 is expected to be released?


Hi everyone

The year 2017 ended, and we are still waiting for Julia 1.0… Julia language is a great project, but I think that the delayed in appearing a stable/definitive version of Julia has affected in many ways the evolution of the packages’ ecosystem. Julia is great, but the main reason that languages like R and Python became popular has been the wide variety of existing packages…

I really hope that, in next years, Julia becomes as powerful as these languages in term of the package’s ecosystem. This will do the main difference, and therefore, the continuous adoption of Julia for important real-world projects.


There are also reasons not to release 1.0 too hastily. This tradeoff has been weighed carefully and discussed extensively. Check out this discussion and the 1.0 milestone issues.


You only launch 1.0 once so we are all being patient and let teh wizards do their magic.


which I agree with, but I kind of wish that we had a v0.7 soon, since a lot of great features are piling up there.


A better question is “What is the process for Julia 1.0 to be released”? This is pretty well addressed in the links in @sswatson 's reply. What I see missing are target dates attached to the milestones. But I imagine for an Open Source project, target dates are hard to predict and meet. I think the community has thought hard about doing this release the right way and we have to wait for it to play out (and help where we can).


I’m betting that it will be released (both v0.7 and v1.0, if they keep with the plan that v0.7 are the same, except for v0.7 has the deprecation warnings, and v1.0 does not) this summer, in June or July, so that it will be done before JuliaCon 2018.


My guess too. Extrapolating from previous years I guess the next version will be released one day before juliaCon :wink:


Indeed - nothing like a big conference to set a deadline!