When activating the environment won't work

I am working on a project using VSCode as my IDE. I created a project once, and since then I have been activating the its environment every time I work on that project. I usually have no problems with it, but today I’m having a hard time loading the packages.

I have installed all the packages in the project environment, but as I try to run the using command after having activated the environment, I am met with errors saying that a package is not found in the current path.

Given I have installed the packages in the project environment and the Project.toml will confirm that, why am I having to face these problems? More important, how do I fix it?

Thank you.

Have you added or dev’d a package via specifying a path? If yes, can it be that the relative path has changed?
If no, what happens if you use Pkg.instantiate()?
If none of these help: Can you remove the conflicting package and simply add it again?

The only way I’ve added packages is through the command add in the project environment. The solution I found was to reinstall all packages. We can call it a solution, but one I’m not satisfied with. Something happened and I simply couldn’t understand what happened, but given I need to move forward with the work, I reinstalled the packages. Now, I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the problem. Oh, well…

Thanks, Salmon.

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