What's your "standard" Julia project toolkit?

I’ve started a new job a couple months ago and have been using Julia recently for a project. I’m interested to learn what packages people always turn to/rely on for their general, day-to-day work. I want to expand my knowledge of the Julia ecosystem and hopefully add some new tools to improve my workflow.


Caveat: still a noob. But I always load Revise and OhMyREPL on my REPL sessions (automatically via the startup.jl file). The most common packages I use are Plots, DataFrames, and Unitful.

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Maybe PkgTemplates.jl is worth a look. It provides a good starting environment for a new module with tests and documentation configured. Revise.jl is very common, I personally also like ProtoStructs.jl. And I also felt that I should have learned the dev command from the package manager much earlier to keep my own packages in a commonplace.

Anyway, it really depends on your specific field.

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Take a look at https://modernjuliaworkflows.github.io/


Also have a look at my blog post: Working with Julia projects | Julia programming notes


And I am using these packages for modeling and control of dynamic systems (well, wind turbines actually)…

Name Version Description
Revise 3.5.7 Automatically update function definitions in a running Julia session
MKL 0.6.1 Linear Algebra library, needed for parallel simulations
ModelingToolkit 8.72.2 An acausal modeling framework for automatically parallelized scientific machine learning (SciML) in Julia.
ControlSystemsBase 1.9.5 A Control Systems Toolbox for Julia
OrdinaryDiffEq 6.58.1 High performance ordinary differential equation (ODE) and differential-algebraic equation (DAE) solver.
SteadyStateDiffEq 1.16.1 Solvers for steady states in scientific machine learning (SciML)
DataInterpolations 4.5.0 A library of data interpolation and smoothing functions
Interpolations 0.14.7 Fast, continuous interpolation of discrete datasets in Julia
FastChebInterp 1.2.0 Fast multidimensional Chebyshev interpolation and regression in Julia
DataStructures 0.18.15 Julia implementation of Data structures
DocStringExtensions 0.9.3 Extensions for Julia’s docsystem.
EnumX 1.0.4 This is what I wish Base.@enum was.
FFTW 1.7.1 Julia bindings to the FFTW library for fast Fourier transforms
JLD2 0.4.38 HDF5-compatible file format in pure Julia
LaTeXStrings 1.3.1 Convenient input and display of LaTeX equation strings for the Julia language
MAT 0.10.6 Julia module for reading MATLAB files
PackageCompiler 2.1.11 Compile your Julia Package
PyCall 1.96.2 Package to call Python functions from the Julia language
PyPlot 2.11.2 Plotting for Julia based on matplotlib.pyplot
Roots 2.0.20 Root finding functions for Julia
Timers 0.1.5 Timers for Julia
YAML 0.4.9 Parse yer YAMLs
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