What's wrong with Coverage?

I get so many wrong results (for example here it seems that the program execution stopped at the middle). Also tried the instructions at Coverage.jl to run it locally but here no .cov files were generated (from Windows) and so nothing worked.

There were other reports of Coverage but never found if the problem is in Coverage.jl or at the Coverage.io service.


The problem is in Julia. https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/30251 might help with it.


Thanks, so cure it’s on the way

Got clearly better when working against nightly, but still shows several failures (example)

I think it was not backported to 1.0.3 right? Hence, is there any workaround for this coverage problem? I saw improvements using --inline=no but the tests start to take a really long time to execute.

There are some improvements in 1.0.3 (my coverage increased ~5% from 0.7). Another chunk of improvements are visible using nightly builds, but there are still many failures. For example this one is reporting a docstring line as being untested!