What to do after a PR is merged?

I have successfully submitted a PR to a small project. To do so, I first forked the repository, cloned is locally, made a new branch, made some changes, pushed changes back to my forked copy, and submitted the PR.

What is the workflow after submitting the PR?

  1. Do folks usually delete the PR branch and then pull from the remote (since the master on the remote has your changes now + potentially other changes as well)? Or is better to first merge in your own branch and then pull from the remote?
  1. I had to create a new Julia environment because dev wouldn’t work on my v1.3 environment (mismatch of dependencies). Do folks delete the Julia environment folder or just leave it be. Is there a command in Pkg that will tell us all the environments in .julia/environments/?

  2. Follow up from the previous question. Since I dev the repo in to a new environment, I don’t really need to free it anymore, right? (especially given that I may just delete the entire environment folder). The tagged version is already in my main v1.3 environment anyways.


Do not delete the branch from where you submitted the PR until it is merged! If you do that, merging will not be possible anymore.

But if it is eventually merged, then you can safely delete that branch on your fork and forget it forever. Actually, if you plan to do more changes or experiments in your forked repo, I’d recommend you

  1. Checkout your master branch.
  2. Pull the master branch from the original repo into your master branch (i.e. update your master to sync the original).
  3. Create a new branch for your new experiments.


About the environment, I’d keep it; otherwise you may not be able to reproduce the working state of your project in the future. It’s very light, only the Project.toml and Manifest.toml files.


Yes, I forgot to mention that my PR was merged in the remote master so I can delete my branch (losing my changes) but then pulling from the remote master (getting my changes back + other potential changes + syncing my own forked repository).