What plotting library to use for HEP

Hi all, I am starting my phd in particle physics and would love to use Julia for data analysis/visualization. Do you have any advice on what plotting library should I use which has the most ROOT (from CERN) features?

Since pretty much 90% of what I’m doing is working with histograms (1D, 2D) and fitting, I was wondering which plotting library is best for such usecase. I have been dabbling quite a bit with Plots.jl but I’m missing some of the features like “GetBinContent()”, “Fill()”, setting specific number of bins in 2D histogram for each axis, getting overflow/underflow bins, etc.

Thanks for any advice!

Have you checked out FHist.jl?

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I have not known such a library exists, I’m pretty new to Julia and don’t know all the packages yet, but at a first glance it looks like this could be it. Thanks a lot!

Not that I am doing that much HEP-related stuff anymore, but it might be worth it to look through some of these slides as well. That’s also where I found the above mentioned package.