What packages exist for creating CLIs?

I’m looking for a package to implement a CLI in Julia but all I can find is ArgParse, which takes a pretty complicated and old fished approach (based, I assume on the antiquated Python’s argparse).

Is there something more usable and modern, like Python’s click?

(I know how this sounds; but painful experience with argparse and the contrasting experience of using click have done that to me.)

There is Comonicon.jl (I have no experience with it though).

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That looks promising. It would be great if someone could point me to some meaningful examples. I can’t even find documentation for it, but it sounds great.

Documentation: https://comonicon.org/stable/ (I used the “website” entry on the GitHub repo, but would be good to link to it from the README as usual too)
Example: https://github.com/Roger-luo/IonCLI.jl

I followed both of those links but found nothing that explained @cast.

Greetings to y’all!

As a complete noob to Julia, I was curious myself about creating a CLI for a calendering-app I’m working on. Much to my surprise, I learned that Julia has a few built-in functions along those requirements, documented @ The Julia REPL · The Julia Language … Not exactly a fancy point-and-click feature, but a time-saver nonetheless IMHO.

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That’s pretty neat. Not what I’m looking for but cool nonetheless.