What is Wijmo and why am I being asked to create a license?

I use the Open Preview context menu item in the VSCode Explorer to look at the contents of DataFrames saved in CSV format. Everything was working fine until this morning. Now when I click on Open Preview the dataframe contents are shown but a window pops up with this:

create a license                    us.sales@grapecity.com

There is also a Close button. If I click on it the pop-up window closes but a semi-transparent window appears with the following:

Wijmo Evaluation Version (5.20201.664)

I searched on Google and Wijmo seems to be a product of grapecity, related to Javascript. I do not program Javascript and do not have a compiler or interpreter for Javascript.

Would anyone know why is this happening and how to eliminate this message, which covers part of the dataframe contents?

Wat? Wijmo seems to build JavaScript UI components. These could be referenced either in your application or in a VS Code extension or in one of the Julia libraries. Why is it that you think DataFrames or CSV is involved? I’d rather suspect some UI display (in a VS Code extension) is involved.

I understand. But as I explained, with some difficulty without having recourse to images, the pop up only appears inside the spreadsheet-like window that appears when one right-clicks on a saved .CSV file in Explorer and then chooses Open Preview from the context menu. My guess is whoever programmed the Open Preview feature (which is very nice) used Javascripr and Wijmo.

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then you should uninstall VSCode, because VSCode is basically a chrome browser (electron → chromium → chrome) and thus has a JS compiler (V8), and the whole VSCode technology is built on Javascript

A GitHub search turned up license expired · Issue #170 · jjuback/gc-excelviewer · GitHub, so this is probably from a completely different VSCode extension. Note that after this step:

The Julia extension is no longer involved because the saved file is just a generic CSV.

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FWIW, you can view the table from the Julia workspace before saving it to disk (or after, as long as your Julia session is still alive).

Thanks. I will try that.