What is the uknown rate, how to resolve it?

I am trying to solve an optimzation problem using SCIP, it looks like every thing is fine, unless I get this warning at the onset where the solution starts.

WARNING: ignore partial solution (0) because unknown rate is too large (0.898204 > 0.85)

I am new to SCIP, and don’t know what this warninng is and if there is a work around to this?


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Hi there!

This has been recently asked on stack exchange:

Did you try passing an incomplete solution as a warm-start?

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Thanks @odow! No I am not trying to pass an incomplete solution.

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Could share a full working example?
Maybe the issue is that some auxiliary variables don’t have starting values, or that integer variables are handled differently from continuous variables.


@leethargo Thanks for the reply. I was able to solve it by setting a tighter optimality gap. Not sure if what I did was the way to handle this though. :slight_smile:

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