What is the the Julian way to find out how to subset an arbitrary object?

This is basically a followup to my earlier question, since perhaps the title ended up being misleading:

The FastAI package has objects called “Learner”. Is there some standard way to investigate what is in these besides reading the source/documentation?

what does Subset mean? maybe

julia> subtypes(Integer)
3-element Vector{Any}:
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ERROR: MethodError: no method matching subtypes(::Learner)

Well, after training the Learner apparently contains the logs on the model training, the loss/fit, presumably the weights, etc. I see this after using dump(), I linked to those results in the other question.

I figure there must be some way for me to quickly see how to extract the various types of info. I can figure it out in this case but I feel I am missing something.

learner is an instance of the Learner type. I’m still trying to figure out what you want to obtain here?

maybe propertynames(learner)?

Yes, thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for.