What is the 3D plotter package closest to the rgl R package?


I took a look at the available 3D plotter package in Julia but at first glance they look complicated to me (maybe I mislooked). I’m looking for a package similar to the rgl R package, that is, you just have to enter the vertices coordinates and the indices of the triangle vertices. Is there such a package in Julia? I’m also comfortable with the Pyvista Python package.

isn’t that just GLMakie? with some extra steps if you want with GeometryBasics.jl · GeometryBasics.jl (not needed for basics stuff)


some extra geometry examples can be found here: GitHub - lazarusA/100daysOfMakie: 100 days of Makie examples

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Sorry but I understand nothing to the docs. Can someone show me a basic example, e.g. a tetrahedron or a cube?

A cube:

using GLMakie
mesh(Rect3f(Vec3f(-0.5), Vec3f(1)); color = :red)

of course you need to install GLMakie first.

Also, a pyramid

using GLMakie, GeometryBasics
mesh(Pyramid(Point3f(0), 1.0f0, 1.0f0); color = :gold, transparency =true)
wireframe!(Pyramid(Point3f(0), 1.0f0, 1.0f0); color=:black, 
    linewidth = 2, transparency = true)