What is a RecursiveLock?

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I just stumbled over that:

Where is the RecursiveLock defined?


Maybe it’a typo, means ReentrantLock.

In computer science, the reentrant mutex ( recursive mutex , recursive lock ) is a particular type of mutual exclusion (mutex) device that may be locked multiple times by the same process/thread, without causing a deadlock.

Should we change it?

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I think you can open a pr to fix it and ask vtjnash to review.

At least, we should remove this invalid reference.

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Can you walk me through it? Do I need to create a new branch for that?

TLDR is go here julia/condition.jl at master · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub, click edit (pencil icon in top right), make the changes, and github should automatically make a fork for you.

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That was easy :slight_smile:



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