What exactly is the meaning of ```!Matched``` in ```myFunction(::G,!Matched::M)```?

MethodError: no method matching cG(::G, ::typeof(m))
Closest candidates are:
  cG(::G, !Matched::M) at /home/devel/Desktop/SDP_me/g.jl:77
#initSim#155(::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Bool, ::Function, ::String) at run_c.jl:139
(::getfield(J, Symbol("#kw##initSim")))(::NamedTuple{(:doPrint,),Tuple{Bool}}, ::typeof(initSim), ::String) at none:0
top-level scope at none:0

I indeed have the function cG safe and sound. Why can not julia find it?

Please post the code that you are using to call the function, as well as the function itself, to give a MWE (minimum working example).

In this case, it seems that the function has a method that expects to be called with a second argument that is the function m, but the way you called it did not correctly “match” that.


Julia found it in g.jl on line 77. You might need to change a type assertion.

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There’s a method, cg(::G, ::M), but you tried to call cg(::G, ::typeof(m)) and !typeof(m) <: M. My best guess it you have a method called m(...), but are also trying to use it as a variable of type M that you then forgot to assign. For more specific help you’ll need to post the code though.