What does Aqua mean here?

Compare Project.toml and test/Project.toml |    1      1  0.00000e+00s
Stale dependencies: Test Failed at C:\Users\pkonl\VSCode_Julia_portable-main\assets\.julia-1.10.0-depot\packages\Aqua\9p8ck\src\stale_deps.jl:31
  Expression: isempty(stale_deps)
   Evaluated: isempty(Base.PkgId[Revise [295af30f-e4ad-537b-8983-00126c2a3abe], Test [8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40], Aqua [4c88cf16-eb10-579e-8560-4a9242c79595], ChunkSplitters [ae650224-84b6-46f8-82ea-d812ca08434e], SymRCM [286e6d88-80af-4590-acc9-0001b223b9bd]])

I looked at the environment, all dependencies are updated as recent as they would go. (Not stale, then?)

Btw, there is no test/Project.toml. Shouldn’t this test be by-passed then?

“Stale deps” indicates that these are not loaded with the package. It’s not about version numbers, but about whether the dependencies are being used at all.

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So the solution then is to remove unused deps, I guess?

Yes, in most cases, such unused dependencies may be safely removed. This should solve the Aqua issue.

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