What could cause some packages to be downgraded? (no obvious dependencies)

Is it ever possible that packages will be downgraded when Pkg.adding a package with no dependencies except Test?

julia> Pkg.add("some_package")

The Project.toml for the added package contains:


julia = "1"

Test = "8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40"

test = ["Test"]

Can we conclude that Test is responsible or something else going on?

If I dig one level down, this is the Project.toml for Test.jl, which doesn’t look like it would cause the downgrade shown in the screenshot?

name = "Test"
uuid = "8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40"

InteractiveUtils = "b77e0a4c-d291-57a0-90e8-8db25a27a240"
Logging = "56ddb016-857b-54e1-b83d-db4d58db5568"
Random = "9a3f8284-a2c9-5f02-9a11-845980a1fd5c"
Serialization = "9e88b42a-f829-5b0c-bbe9-9e923198166b"



I now realize several recent posts on related issues, including this.