WGLMakie via SSH

Does anyone here have a working setup for remote plotting with WGLMakie via ssh? Thus far, I have used GLMakie with x-forwarding for this purpose but (i) it is slow and (ii) it crashes when the tmux session is detached between two plots.

I would hope that I can render things using WGLMakie on the ssh server and then open the plot on the ssh client using <my-remote-server-ip>:9384 from my local machine. However, upon invoking, say, WGLMakie.scatter([1]) on the remote, it directly spawns a browser window on the remote and shows the plot via x-forwarding. Instead, I would like the remote to “remain headless” and wait for an external connection; then render only on my local machine.

Is this possible with WGLMakie or would you recommend another solution for (interactive) plotting in such a setup?

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