WGLMakie/JSServe offline export


I opened an issue at JSServe.jl, but I’m afraid it doesn’t catch a lot of attention and it’s not really a bug. Maybe someone else here knows?:

I have trouble making an offline plot similar to the surface plot in the documentation of WGLMakie.jl. I don’t want to have sliders, just a movable camera. I don’t manage to export to a standalone html using this example, also. And this example doesn’t work for me. Does someone have an easy example to do this?


I think it is a bug: it looks like the API has changed (new UrlSerializer constructor, dom2htmlpage_html…) and export_standalone has not been updated. I tried a couple of things but I also could not get an export example to work.

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Thanks for trying!

I haven’t gotten around to update those functions + docs yet…
I think your best chance currently would be to use the approach with Page from Home · WGLMakie.jl, but manually print the outputs to an io:

using JSServe, WGLMakie

page = Page(offline=true, exportable=true);
page_html = sprint() do io
    show(io, MIME"text/html"(), page)
    show(io, MIME"text/html"(), scatter(1:4))
    show(io, MIME"text/html"(), volume(rand(4, 4, 4)))

write("test.html", page_html)

thanks for this little hack, it works for me. I understand that it’s a big project that is wip and thank you for doing it, sorry I can’t help much.

@sdanisch are there updated instructions for WGLMakie plots in Documenter pages?