WebIO unresponsive over Apache proxy

We have this WebIO app of which we’re trying to run multiple instances, each with its own Julia process. So myserver/app1 is served by process 1 at myserver:8001, and so on for app2, 3 etc.

The Apache config looks like

	<Location /app1>
             ProxyPass http://localhost:8001
             ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:8001
	<Location /app2>
             ProxyPass http://localhost:8002
             ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:8002
	ProxyPass /assetserver http://localhost:8001/assetserver/

The page loads and looks fine with that, but it’s “static” (the WebIO interactivity doesn’t work at all). If I go directly to http://localhost:8001 everything is fine. I am a complete newbie at web development, so perhaps I have missed something very obvious. Maybe… websockets aren’t socketing properly because its port wasn’t forwarded to the right solar system?

Any help appreciated!