Way to open up a folder window for a cd command?

If I am running a short script (no modules) and I want to be in a particular directory for running that script, I usually cd into the directory when I start working. I use iterm on mac for my Julia coding right now.

Is there a way that I can open up a folder window to navigate to the preferred folder instead of typing out tons of cd commands? From the command line, without using Juno.


This may be a solution:

dir = open_dialog("Select Folder", action=GtkFileChooserAction.SELECT_FOLDER)

from here:

I don’t know if this works for macs.

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Copy-paste the full path to one command:


And next time after starting Julia REPL again type c and press arrow up as many times as you will find your previous cd command. Note the raw is especially useful in Windows because it lets you use the native Windows style path with backsplash characters.