Way to know if someone's using package in terminal?

Is there a way to check within a package (as its developer) whether the user is using:

  • JuliaPro
  • Jupyter
  • REPL
  • etc.

// basically just need to know if the person can render html, css, and js (i.e. not using the REPL)

The “correct” way would be to define show methods of the correct MIME types and have the Display determine what mime format it supports to show.

I use this https://github.com/KristofferC/PGFPlotsX.jl/blob/master/src/tikzdocument.jl#L301-L303 to detect a few of the different IDEs.


From WebIO’s readme, it says it supports:

Juno - The hottest Julia IDE
IJulia - Jupyter notebooks for Julia
Blink - An Electron wrapper you can use to make Desktop apps
Mux - A web server framework

How would Blink and Mux fit into this?