Was: Why do time quantities have to be integers?


That seems quite harsh and a bit unwarranted. I do agree that the date-time functionality is not sufficiently “done” to be baked into 1.0 in its current state, which is one reason why I opened this issue, but it’s very usable and at least as good as the date/time functionality in many other languages.

The phrase “can we put someone on it” in the context of an open source project is rather off-putting. Who is “we” and how are “we” paying for someone to do this work? Do we just order people to do difficult, highly-skilled design and implementation work for free? If you want to see this functionality, you have a few options:

  1. Hope some blessed soul comes along and does us all the great favor of working on this. @quinnj already did the lion’s share of the work that has gotten us to this present rather nice state. When you say “Obviously Dates is a mess” you are insulting his work, which is not a particularly good strategy to get him to do more free work.

  2. Do the work yourself. This would be great. Obviously you’ve got some strong opinions here. Make some constructive contributions.

  3. Pay someone else to do it. If aren’t willing or able to do it yourself, but it’s worth enough to you, you can pay for someone else to work on it. Julia accepts donations through the NumFocus non-profit foundation. If you want to make a donation to support the further development of date/time functionality in Julia, we can make sure that the money you donate is used for that purpose.

I truly don’t want this to come across as harsh, but please do consider how statements like “x is a mess” come across! I’m a bit protective of the wonderful people who contribute to Julia and I sincerely hope that option 2 – contributing by working on dates (and whatever else you care to) – is the path that you take and that you’ll be one of the people I’m being overly protective of in the future.

Why do time quantities have to be integers?

Please accept my sincere apologies, I went to a party two nights ago and wrote that stupid comment while not completely sober… I’ve been meaning to write the following response to my comment since I posted it, but couldn’t due to travel:

"There are about 50 issues related to Dates. Some of them are pretty big (like moving Dates out of Base). There are many people far better-suited than me dealing with this now. I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Once things are more settled I’ll be more than glad to contribute if I can.

Sheesh… Last time I open Discourse late at night…"

Seriously, I’ve regretted that comment the moment I read it the day after. Now that you’ve read it as well I regret it even more. I agree with everything you’ve said, and feel exactly the same. @quinnj, please accept my deepest apologies as well! I’m grateful for your (and everyone’s) time and effort resulting in what is obviously an amazing tool.

Apart from my own lesson and the unnecessary friction I’ve caused here, I hope my previous posts here and in the old google group attest to how uncharacteristic that stupid comment was.



No worries! Please don’t feel bad and please do join in to help us work on date/time functionality going forward. We can use both your feedback and more active help!