Warning invalid warm start GLPK


I see some topics dated from 2019 talking about the warm start in JuMP with GLPK. I still have the warning :

Warning: MathOptInterface.VariablePrimalStart() is not supported by MathOptInterface.Bridges.LazyBridgeOptimizer{GLPK.Optimizer}.

when using set_start_value
I don’t understand since the merged seems to have been done (see https://github.com/jump-dev/GLPK.jl/pull/101 )

I am using JuMP v.0.21.3, GLPK v.0.13.0 and GLPKMAthProgInterface v.0.5.0

Someone knows if there is another way to fill a start value to the solver ?

Thanks for your help.

Please provide a reproducible example. GLPKMathProgInterface is deprecated. You should just use GLPK.Optimizer.