Vscode notebook inline plot backend problem, PyPlot.jl

How can I make PyPlot.jl (and probably matplotlib internally) recognize I have installkled gtk3?

Error message is “Python GUI toolkit for gtk3 is not installed.”.

background steps:
Initial error below inside vscode notebook running Julia kernel on Windows:

sys:1: UserWarning: Matplotlib is currently using agg, which is a non-GUI backend, so cannot show the figure.

so I set pygui(true) and can get external plot below, but I want an inlined plot in the notebook

However if I try to use pygui(:gtk3) I still get below error (same as the start)
“Python GUI toolkit for gtk3 is not installed.”

note: I still have the problem even if I do have gtk3 installed in the correct conda environment (I launched vscode from an anaconda powershell prompt in the same environment)

went through an adventure,
1.Found out that the julia has an unnamed conda environment c:\Users\<username>\.julia\conda\3
No luck installing gtk under that “hidden” environment either.

2.Tried installing gtk3 directly from the official windows package with msys2). No luck…

It would still be interesting to know how to get my local windows conda envs setup to run pygui with inline graphics in vscode: but for now the workaround (not a solution) is

docker run -it --rm --name juliaa -p <image name>

with image from