Vscode how to examine stdout in the debugger

hi all
just starting out in julia. Am using vscode and want to examine what the contents of stdout is and can’t figure out how to do it. I’m opening a tcp connection then starting an asynch reader loop that processes the callbacks from a series of requests ( with a unique identifier) I post to the tcp connection. It works well but I would like to examine the contents of stdout to help me learn how this all fits together.
My intention is to route the stdout to a channel and onto another julia script but first I want to get a handle on what I am sending.
Please remember this is all new to me.

Stdout should be piped to the “Debug Console” in VS Code.

thanks for the reply.
I can see it in the debug console but want to examine it in the code. I don’t know how to do that. So how do I take the output from stdout and store it in a structure in code please?

Use Suppressor.jl or roll your own solution with redirect_stdout. Depending on how/when you print you might also be able to supply your own output stream (typically an IOBuffer) directly in the print function call.

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Hi there
thanks so much for your solutions to the problem. I will certainly look into them. Right now I am tending towards rolling my own IObuffer stream as I REALLY need to get to grips with this functionality in Julia. Thanks again.