VS Code Linting missingref on my own package

I’m writing my own package using VS Code and when I go to write some minor programs in a scripts folder I get a missingref warning for my own package. Other people have posted about this, but I can’t seem to use their solutions. For example, one key issue is activating the current project environment, but I have already done that. My directory structure looks like this

├─ scripts/
│ ├─ myscript.jl
├─ src/
│ ├─ file1.jl
│ ├─ file2.jl
│ ├─ MyPackage.jl
├─ test/
│ ├─ sometest.jl

I am hoping that there is some other detail that I need to tell VSCode about so I don’t have to keep bumping into this issue.