VS code keybinding conflict on macOS

Trying the define the cursorEndSelect and cursorHomeSelect keybindings in VS code under macOS is not working as it conflicts with macOS “mission control’s spaces switching” keyboard shortcuts. The keybindings entries I try to enforce in VS code’s json file are following:

    "key": "cmd+shift+right", // not working because of mission control
    "command": "cursorEndSelect",
    "when": "textInputFocus"
    "key": "cmd+shift+left", // not working because of mission control
    "command": "cursorHomeSelect",
    "when": "textInputFocus"

A quick fix would be to modify different keybindings either for mission control or VS code. Since keybindings or shortcuts are rooted into long terms “habits”, would there be a workaround in VS code to enforce keybindings even if they conflict with system ones. In SublimeText, for example, this is not an issue. Thanks for help

There is an old, but still relevant discussion about this on stackexchange. My own solution for this kind of situation is Keyboard Maestro (which I run anyway for other purposes).

Thanks for the workaround and the link. I will consider it, but would just be nice to have a work around that would not rely on third party software.