VS code is excellent!

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Traceur (yet).

There is a “Move Terminal Right” button to the left of “Close Panel (x)”

Does VS code have user defined variables panel now?

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"There is no selection formatter for ‘julia’-files installed. "
Is there a formatter available ?

I think formatting should work, how are you trying to access it?

It is only set up to work on files, not selections, as of yet

Hi Mr. PetrKrysl,
I have set up my software according to the steps you wrote, but it always shows that
“Could not start the julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the julia binary.“”
I am sure I filled in the correct Julia path, even I can open Julia with powershell.
And I can see that there is “Julia Language Server is busy” at the bottom of the window…

So which version of Julia do you use and which operating system?

I assume you want to use Julia 1.0
VS Code is not yet working with Julia 1.0 according to the developer @davidanthoff (see this thread)

Last time I checked it worked only with 0.6.4. Compatibility with 0.7 (or 1.0) coming soon.

Very good editor indeed.

I am on Linux, and somehow setting the executable path is not accepted.
"julia.executablePath": "/home/xxx/Software/julia-0.7.0/bin/julia",

VS Code complains that julia server can not be started. Can anyone tell me what can be wrong.

Julia 0.7 is not yet supported.

Uhhh Thank u :slight_smile:
And I watched the issue in VScode x Julia `s Github and the writter said they are working for it now~
SO we just need to wait for it~

Julia 1.0.0 and Windows 10 Vscode 1.25.1
thank you :slight_smile:

Thank u Sir ~ I am very happy that there are a lot of people helping me ~ :slight_smile:

Any updates on Julia 1.0 support?


You can download the latest vsix file from here (beta1 works well for me)

and install it manually.

The only thing I miss is a window with a command history browser.


If you mean to stop Julia during an active session, at present you can try Alt + j + k in VS Code.

FWIW, you can have a window in VS Code with the REPL history by adding this command to Julia’s startup.jl.

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It would be fairly easy to implement a fully functional command history, in case anyone’s interested in giving it a shot :slight_smile: