VS Code Editor and Terminal on Separate Monitors

My desktop uses three monitors. I was wondering if it is possible to make VS Code’s editor and terminal shown on separate monitors. This would allow me to focus on the editor area while being able to view results on the other monitor.


I know that in Atom there is a setting for the Julia REPL to appear in a separate terminal.

Is it available in VS Code?

This is not supported in VSCode as far as I understand. It’s one of the most requested features though, see https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/34442.

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It is surprising this important feature has been waitlisted for so long. RStudio has this feature for a quite a while.

How about “Workspaces: Duplicate Workspace in New Window” ?


This is also what I do with multiple screens I dublicate the Workspace but I would like to add that you must have auto save enabled.


I looked through the options yesterday. There does not seem to be that option in VScode

VS Code updates a new version every two days on my computer. However, this basic feature is still missing.