Visualization attractors DynamicalSystems.jl

Is it possible to construct an attractor not in the form of points, but in the form of a continuous curve?

I tried to do it and got this result.

The curve is not closed due to incorrect visualization or is it because of the way I set the grid when searching for attractors and their basins? Сould the reason be that this is just a projection from 6D to 3D ?

I have read how the attractor search algorithm works, and as far as I understand, the points representing the attractor should be located more densely

Code for grid and mapper

xr1 = yr1 = zr1 = xr2 = yr2 = zr2 = range(-8, 8, length = 10)
mapper = AttractorsViaRecurrences(ds, (xr1, yr1, zr1, xr2, yr2, zr2);
                                    mx_chk_hit_bas = 20,
                                    mx_chk_fnd_att  = 200,
                                    mx_chk_loc_att  = 200,
                                    mx_chk_lost  = 500,
                                    diffeq = (alg = Vern9(),
                                                abstol = 1e-11, reltol = 1e-11, dense = false,  maxiters = 10000000))

Also i have another question. I found the AttractorsViaRecurrencesSparse() function in the package sources. I tried use him and for this i update package to last version but Julia manage package don’t find new version for package. As far as I understand, the package has not been updated yet. Can I update it myself to the version I need? How do I assemble it myself?